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About Right as Rain

Right as Rain is a digital publication dedicated to helping you feel healthy and well. It is published by UW Medicine, an international leader in research, patient care and physician training, located in Seattle.

So why do we call it “Right as Rain”?

Because it’s a phrase that means feeling fit and in good health. It is thought to have originated in Britain, where rain is a fact of life, much like it is here in the Pacific Northwest.

Our team of healthcare writers is devoted to providing truthful and down-to-earth health and wellness information you can use every day. We share personal stories you can actually relate to. We debunk myths and question the status quo. And each article is reviewed for accuracy by an expert from UW Medicine or the University of Washington.

Sure, being healthy or feeling fit and well can be a challenge. Right as Rain was created to make certain you don’t face that challenge alone.

The fine print

We hope the information provided by Right as Rain is helpful, but it is not intended as medical advice. Don’t use it to diagnose or treat a health issue—only a doctor should do that.

Also, the opinions and views are those of the authors or experts interviewed and do not represent the official view of UW Medicine or the University of Washington.

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